Thursday, September 09, 2004

eBay Woes

I have this eBay habit. I buy and sell (buying more than selling of course), and over the last several years I've had pretty good luck all around.

But not long ago I bought an old SF magazine from one of those dealers who has a long list of "rules" for buyers. If you win an auction and he hasn't heard from you in three days, he's going to turn you in as a deadbeat. And if you haven't paid in ten days, you're scum, and he's going to turn you in. And so on.

Well, I responded as soon as I got notification that I'd won. But I never heard from the dealer.

So I wrote him daily for about a week. Finally he responded and told me the amount of postage due. I paid him by PayPal as soon as I got his e-mail.

More time passed. A lot more. But today I got a magazine in the mail.

It's the wrong magazine.

So I e-mailed him immediately. Guess what? No response so far. Why am I not surprised?


  1. Looks like you'll need to bone up on Jeff Smith's solution to dealing with inept dealers.

  2. What's your eBay username Bill, so that I can check out your items for sale from time to time.
    Keep on playing that pinball and you'll stay forever young. Mind you, it's quite a while since I had a game myself ;-)