Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Nolan Ryan Again

Here's another Nolan Ryan item. This was the last All Sports Banquet I attended as an instructor at Alvin Community College, and it was a good one. Nolan turned out to be a personable and entertaining speaker. Nobody took up my tickets that night. Wonder how they'd do on eBay?


  1. Anonymous3:44 PM

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  2. Thanks for stopping by, Bill! Yes, I really believe 90% of it's about luck! And speaking of Grisham, I just finished a script based on a true story from here in Fulton--I'm calling it THE DEFENSE and pitching is as "Grisham in the 1850s!" Let's hope it works!

    Nice photo of Nolan, by the way. I remember a friend of mine introduced him to me at a Junior High basketball game (when I was in Jr. High). I got his autograph and later threw it away!!! :)