Saturday, September 24, 2005

50 Greatest Sci-Fi TV Shows of All Time?

Here's the Boston Globe's list. Wonder Woman checks in at #24. I figure the photo of Lynda Carter at the left should put it about ten spots higher in the rankings. The bad news is that you have to register to check it out, or you can use bugmenot.


  1. wonder woman rox !

  2. Jeff Meyerson8:32 AM

    Other than her starring role in Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw (with Marjoe), Lynda Carter's all-time greatest role was her appearance on Battle of the Network Stars in a bathing suit.


  3. Synchonicity! While channel surfing last night I saw a few seconds of an obviously recent show with Linda Carter. Okay, maybe she's not bad for a grandmother, but the babe who played Wonder Woman is only a warm memory. Anyway, I'm not sure I'd classify a show based on a comic superheroine as science fiction.

  4. Carter's going to be on either Law & Order: Special Vctims Unit or the original Law & Order (or possibly both - it's one of theose wierd cross-over things) this coming week (Tuesday and/or Wednesday).