Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Too Late To Run

Thanks to all for the advice, encouragement, and warnings. It's too late to leave, however, since the highways are parking lots and the drive from Houston to Huntsville, about 60 miles, is now taking 12 hours. If worse comes to worst, the community college here in town has a hurricane-proof room (it was once a vault, so it has very thick steel walls covered with brick). I've been in touch with the college president, who's as stupid as I am and is also still in town, and if the storm turns in this direction, we'll go to the college. I'm still confident that things will work out better than that, and that the storm will come in to the south of us, giving us rain and high wind, but nothing of hurricane force.


  1. Well, okay. But we'll all still worry.

  2. Yeah, I'm with Dusty, we wil worry becuase from out there, it all sounds so nasty and messyl. I'm a REALLY good fretter and I'm fretting like mad about you and Judy. Be safe you two, would you Puh-LEZE. Sheesh.
    go down to the root cellar with toto or wait...I like the idea of the vault at the college. It's not what I'd choose decor wise but I bet it's safe.
    Stu and I send our very best and want you warm and dry and safe.

  3. Anonymous8:59 PM

    It may be too late to run, but hopefully it's not too late to hide. Head for the vault, Bill.

    (And try to take the cream of your collection with you.)

    Good luck!


    P.S. - Can't you give that hurricane just a little respect and at least put some plywood over the windows? You Texans are an ornery lot.

  4. Rosemarie & I are thinking of you and Judy, Bill. Be safe.

  5. Bill, I'm not thrilled about you and Judy still being there, vault or not. If it's not too late, rethink that 12 hour drive, if only as a favor to all who care about you...

  6. Jeff Meyerson9:33 AM

    You guys are too much. You were worried about Angela being in Baton Rouge AFTER Katrina went by but you're going to stand and wait for the worst.

    Why am I picturing Davy Crockett at the Alamo?