Thursday, December 22, 2005

Best. Version. Ever.

For my money the best version of "White Christmas" is the one recorded by The Drifters. Here it is for your listening pleasure, with some new flash animation.


  1. It's my favorite, too. Actually, along with Jingle Bell Rock, it's my favorite Christmas song. :)

  2. Jeff Meyerson8:19 AM

    While anything would be better than listening to Bing Crosby, whom I despise, I agree that the Drifters did a great version.

  3. I'll be dipped. I've heard this song for years and never knew who did it. Thanks for the great show and the information.

    I'm usually not fond of novelty songs, but this year's Christmas favorite for me is Seymour Swine's version of "Blue Christmas," sung as Porky Pig.