Monday, March 06, 2006

Oscar Report, Part the Second

I became aware that the Academy Awards were a fraud when Denise Richards (left, the one who's not Neve Campbell) was shamefully omitted from the nominations after her sterling performance in Wild Things. Denise, however, was not deterred. She "stretched" for the part of nuclear scientist in The World is not Enough. Yes, a nuclear scientist. Even Niels Bohr would have been convinced. But did she get nominated? Nooooooooo. It was then that I determined that the Awards were nothing more than a "popularity contest" and not worthy of my attention. And when Denise wasn't nominated for Undercover Brother, I gave up on them entirely.


  1. I still get heebies thinking about Wild Things, thanks in large part to the tooth-pulling scene. Eek.

  2. Great. Now I can't get the image of Niels Bohr in a bikini out of my head.

  3. Matt Dillon....oscar nominee...

    Let the apocalypse come.

  4. Gerard Saylor1:10 PM

    Hey, Matt Dillon is a good actor. I have not seen "Crash" but two good movies come to mind, "Drugstore Cowboy" and "Flamingo Kid".