Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy Birthday, Debbie Gibson!

At age 36, she prefers "Deborah."

Official Deborah Gibson Website: "The 'Original Pop Princess' Deborah exploded on to the pop music scene at the age of 16. An entertainment prodigy, Deborah became the youngest person ever to write, produce, and perform the number one single, 'Foolish Beat”, a record she holds to this day in the Guinness Book of World Records. Among Deborah’s many impressive career achievements include her album Electric Youth which soared to #1 on the pop charts and her #1 hit single 'Lost In Your Eyes'."


  1. Gerard Saylor7:00 PM

    "Original Pop Princess"? Baloney. This is not a topic I can get myself worked-up over, but that "original" claim is bunk.

  2. Absolutely. I mean, what about Little Peggy March?

  3. Tiffany was WAY hotter.

  4. I was and am an unabashed Debbie/Deborah fan, even moreso knowing she kept her wits about her as she grew up.

  5. Love the song Foolish Beat.
    She may not have been the first, but she sure does kick the collective ass of all those contempo pop princesses (Brit/Xtina/Jessica/whomever).