Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Happy Birthday, Bob Kane

James Reasoner's review of Batman: The Greatest Stories Ever Told seems like reason enough to celebrate Bob Kane's birthday today. James says he isn't fond of the Batman of the '50s, and maybe this cover scan is a good reason why (though I'm not certain it's a cover from the '50s).


  1. Richard11:35 AM

    Two on-line sources list "The Interplanetary Batman" as a story from 1959. Granted, that's like saying two anonymous letter writers think I'm a jerk, but still...

  2. It just about has to be a '50s issue. Fits what James said very well.

  3. 1959 sounds about right. It has to be pre-1961 because of the ten cent cover price. I still remember the day when I went into Tompkins' Drugstore with a dime clutched in my pudgy little fist to buy a comic book, only to discover that the price on all of them had gone up to twelve cents. I had to go beg a couple of pennies from my mother.

    When I posted that Batman review last night, I had no idea today was Bob Kane's birthday.