Friday, March 16, 2007

Andy Barker, P. I.

Andy Barker (Andy Richter) is a CPA with no clients. He's rented the office of a retired P.I. (Harve Presnell), and when a hot blonde dressed in red comes in and asks Andy to find her husband, he goes along with the gag. Barker is no Steve Bentley, but, using his CPA skills, he gets the job done. The old P.I. is so impressed that it appears he's coming out of retirement and that Andy will be working for him. I got some laughs from this show. I especially liked the movie snobbery of the guy who runs the video rental store on the floor below Andy's office. "We don't carry Meet the Fokkers," he tells a caller, and he's appalled when Andy says, "I didn't think they could top Miss Congeniality, but boy, Miss Congeniality 2 comes close." I also liked the Sandra Bullock doll. So I might even watch this one again. Judy, I must say, was not impressed at all.


  1. Jeff Meyerson12:37 PM

    I'm with Judy all the way.

  2. Sounds like the plot of an old Bob Hope movie, My Favorite Brunette.

  3. "Anybody could be a private-eye. All you needed was brains and a gun. I had a gun."

    Or words to that effect.

  4. Todd Mason2:34 PM

    It is a bit reminiscent of MY FAVORITE BRUNETTE, only not nearly as funny, sadly, nor as daring (and MFB wasn't exactly the most outrageous film of Hope's career)...I expect great things from Richter after ANDY RICHTER CONTROLS THE UNIVERSE and his performance on LATE NIGHT, but producer/creator Conan O'Brien seemingly wants to be the next Walt Disney, or perhaps resents that Richter is naturally sharper and funnier than CO'B, and so apparently has made sure, to judge by the pilot, that all the promising bits are matched by a blanding element. I'll give this one another chance, but I might be closer to your wife's opinion than your kindness.

  5. They should've made the show about the video store owner.