Sunday, August 12, 2007

Joe Lansdale Update

Yesterday I talked to Joe Lansdale about what he was working on these days. He told me that he's about halfway through with a Hap and Leonard novel called Vanilla Ride. You might think that's good news, and it is. Especially if you read Italian. Joe's a big-time best-selling writer in Italy, and that's where Vanilla Ride will be published. For now, Joe has no plans to publish it in the U.S. I'm sure that will change, but I don't know when.


  1. Todd Mason9:40 AM

    My Italian is poor, but this might be incentive. And damned strange incentive at that.

  2. Gerard1:34 PM

    Who cares about Joe Lansdale? We just want to see his singing daughter.

  3. Well, you should've been at Armadillocon. Kasey did a fine one-hour performance. Great renditions of "Tracks of My Tears," "Me and Bobbie McGee," and many others.