Monday, September 10, 2007

Time Magazine -- 50 Worst Cars of All Time

I'm surprised I didn't own a single one of these models.


  1. i went to that time magazine crapload site that the list of cars is on. as is always the case with time magazine it's a total propaganda site for how sinister America is. within three seconds i was ready to kick whoever wrote the - it's really killin' me not using the language level i am most comfortable in, just so you know - thing right in the center of where his mom's favorite worry stones are located.

  2. Well, I didn't read any of it. I just looked at the list.

  3. I drove a Pinto wagon--different year model, but found any year any model of the thing to be worthy of the listing. I'm just surprised that the thing was made as long as it was.

  4. Todd Mason1:12 PM

    The 1985 Audi 2000S is notably absent...this is the car that 60 MINUTES justifiably picked on, and even if they didn't go backwards in park, everything...EVERYTHING...else on this worthless model, which killed Audi in the US for years, broke quickly and completely. Remarkably awful car.

    TIME is hardly the most ferocious critic of the US.

  5. In University I knew a young woman who had actually driven - or rather been driven - in a Bricklin. She was Miss Teen Canada at the time and was doing a promotional visit to the factory. She loved it. Never trusted her taste again.

    I absolutely hated the Triumph TR-7 mainly because it was the death knell of the MG, which I loved. British Leyland decided that they would put all of their sports car eggs in one basket so to speak, and that basket was Triumph. What they came up with was the rather sleek "looking" TR-7 which was an absolute pile of crap. Meanwhile the team at MG had been developing a rather nifty mid-engine car that I believe would feature half a Jaguar V-12 engine. And people wonder why the British motor industry went down the tubes.

  6. The 1993 Mercury Tracer I had was a real shitbox. Seems like something else broke on it every week.

  7. Anonymous6:17 AM

    My mother-in-law had a '71 Pinto and was planning to drive solo from Massachuusetts to Kansas (and probably stopping at every yard sale on the way) until we removed the engine and hid it.

    It's strange that Time didn't specifically list some of the pieces of junk we owned: the "Ca-ca Car", the "Andria Doria", the "Immovable Saab" and the "Rambler From Hell".

    Jerry House

  8. Todd Mason9:59 AM

    I gather the whole Rambler line deserves mention, and certainly the initial Hyundais released in the US as well. My memory of my parents' atrocious Audi managed through the pain to distort its number...the 5000S, not 2000S.