Monday, November 12, 2007

Money Shot -- Christa Faust

This one's due from Hard Case Crime in January. I hadn't read anything by Christa Faust other than her short story in A Hell of a Woman. I liked the story, so I was glad to score an ARC of Money Shot.

The narrator is Angel Dare, or at least that's her porn name. Mine is Orel Strokum. You can get yours here, but it won't be as cool as Angel Dare, I'll bet. But I digress. Angel is a former porn star who's now a booking agent. Angel is shot at the beginning of the story and left for dead. She wants revenge, as who wouldn't?

The McGuffin in the story is a valise full of money. People want it back, and they think Angel knows where it is. She doesn't, though. Not at first.

There's a lot of violence in this story, and a lot of people die. One of Stephen King's tests of a good story, as I recall, is whether anyone can die at any time. In this story, anyone can. And you get a guided tour of the porn industry. "Lurid" is a word that's thrown around a lot when describing books. I think it fits this one just fine.

The story had me from the first pages, and it moves at a fine clip. Money Shot is nice addition to the Hard Case catalog. Check it out next January.


  1. Bill, this book looks like it kicks vicuna keester from the title on down. You've finally reviewed a book I'm totally stoked about. No offense. Frankly I'm amazed it happened at all. No, I guess you can take some offense at that one. Anyway, this one looks good from where I'm sitting. I assume you'll excuse me if I don't stand up.

  2. I went to the name-provider site like you suggested and the porn name they assigned me was - is - Gunnar Cream. Your blog has really degenerated. I don't know if you're aware of thet.

  3. My porn star name, according to that site, is "Slappy Tang" which sounds more like a Chinese clown and would probably get me laughed right out of World Modeling.

    Anyway, glad you dug the book!

    - Christa

  4. D. B. Cooper, aka Bigfoot1:19 PM

    Worldwide fame and journalistic Googling has not gone to Bill's head as far as I can tell.

  5. Angel Dare is much better than Slappy Tang. I did like the book, and I'm looking forward to your next.

  6. Zorro Alabañil1:26 PM

    Capt. Kung-fu Grip is mine converted name. I don't know why I merit an honorific. (Well, I do, but I'm famously modets.)

  7. Hey. I got the Dr. because I forgot to click female. When I did, I got Nurse Asstronaut. So there's some rhyme or reason going on here althoght it's obviously sexist.

  8. Much like the industry in question.

  9. Dicky Nekkid, D.D.S. at your service. A good porn name can make anything sound smutty.

  10. Todd Mason4:19 PM

    What was the old rule? Your first pet and your current residential street? Can I get some love for Trixie Lees?

    Christa, I know you'd published in the horror small press, but for some reason was sure you'd contributed to BLUE MURDER the webzine, as well. But my memory is not what it might be.

  11. Jeff Meyerson5:36 PM

    Nice cover!

    I beat (so to speak) gomer:

    Sir Cream

  12. Slick Spankadocious. Won't Dorothy be jealous?

  13. I thoroughly loved this book. It is one of the best books HCC has ever published. You can use the first sentence/paragraph test on this book and you'll want to read more. Nay, you'll *have* to read more.

    I highly recommend this book to folks who like this kind of book. It’s stark. The subject matter is not pretty and sometimes ugly. The jokes are often hilarious but not quotable here. Read it. I dare you not to.