Friday, November 30, 2007

Spiderman 3

I thought this might be pretty good, and that's all it was: pretty good. It was way too busy to suit me. Every time I thought a plot line had taken hold, wham! Here comes another one. I lost count of all the plot threads, but there were two villains (three if you count the Dark Spiderman), a love triangle, or maybe a quadrangle, a new discovery about the death of Uncle Ben, serious relationship problems, and a few other things I might be forgetting.

The action scenes were great, especially the first big fight between Spiderman and the new Goblin. The acting was okay, and Bryce Dallas Howard was stunning. There was a good bit of comedy, though I'm not sure all of it was intentional. Tobey Maguire as a rebel without a cause was hilarious. Suddenly his hair gets greasy and hangs in his face. He struts through NYC like John Travolta on steroids. Maybe some actors could make. He even dances like John Travolta on steroids. Or maybe like a spiderman (no, not like Italian Spiderman).

Overall, I'm just as glad I didn't see this one in the theater. It would've looked great up there on the big screen, but it wasn't worth the effort of getting out for. Maybe Spiderman 4 will be better.


  1. Superhero movies seem to peter out after a few. I think everyone including the audience gets bored with it. Really what caliber actor would wants to spend his entire youth in the same costume.

  2. Well, Peter does get to wear two costumes in this one: the red and the black. Hey, that sounds like a good title for a novel!

  3. Todd Mason9:41 AM

    Rarely have I disliked a trivial movie more than I disliked SPIDERMAN, which damned near put me to sleep in the theater, and Tobey Maguire's smug and unengaging performance in the lead (he did, however, look almost good in comparison to the worst performance imaginable from Willem Dafoe). So, when I was dragged along to S2, it was only upon a severe bargain, and Maguire, at least, was no better, and the rest of the cast was mostly right there with him. So, when you tell me this one isn't up to the bar set before, I have to wonder if I'll hate it less or Really despise it...unlike most people, I liked or at least hated less each ALIEN movie of the "main four" in turn. The fourth was genuinely entertaining; the first just annoying.

  4. Tobey should have stopped donning the Spidey suit after 2. But some of the superheroes should have stayed in the comic books altogether: the Incredible Hulk, and the Fantastic Four come to mind immediately.

  5. I've never been impressed by the movies. The early Spiderman comic books were all about being invited into the funky world of Lee and Ditko, which always seemed to me to have a charming seat-of-your-pants vibe to it. If I ever thought about it, I probably would have unconsciously visualized the early Marvel world in B-movie terms, in which chutzpah and style compensated for a low budget, second-tier actors, and threadbare sets. The overproduced, overstuffed movies kill any feeling of spontaneity. For that matter, I never stayed with the comic book after Ditko left and was replaced by Romita's hackwork.

  6. The movies seem to be a big hit, but I also find them dull as dishwater. Very coloful dishwater, but still ...