Thursday, November 15, 2007

Stark House Strikes Again

Stark House is coming out with some really dillies lately. The Gil Brewer volume pictured on the left will be ready in January. It has two novels, including Three-Way Split, which I reviewed a couple of years ago. That's just the beginning because there's also A Devil for O'Shaugnessy, a never before published Brewer novel. If that doesn't get your blood pumping, nothing will.

And the introductory essay by David Laurence Wilson is superb, as is the concluding essay by George Tuttle. Worth the price of the book, by themselves.

But wait! There's more! Three previously uncollected short stories by Gil Brewer! All this for $14.95. You really can't go wrong. Trust me.


  1. Gerard8:11 PM

    Didn't Guthrie have a novel with "Split" in the title?

  2. Two-Way Split. Undoubtedly a bow to Brewer.

  3. Gerard8:18 PM

    Now I remember. The cover had the hooker character holding a baseball bat and sitting, or squatting, next to a proned out dude.

  4. I haven't heard the name George Tuttle in ages, Glad to know he's still around.

  5. That Guthrie novel is KISS HER GOODBYE.

  6. That's a different book, and also a Wade Miller title.