Thursday, December 04, 2008

'Tis the Season

For "10 Worst" lists.


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    You can probably make a case for most of those movies being on a ten worst of the year list, but Rambo? I'm not sure that you could call it "good" by any objective measurement, it's gratuitiously violent, and probably has no redeeming social or artistic value...but I still loved it! (It would probably make a pretty good double feature with the criminally underappreciated British film Son of Rambow [sic].)

  2. I liked it, too. Reviewed it here on the blog, I think.

  3. A little warning that this was a link to "Perez Hilton"'s slow loading self-celebration always appreciated.

    Last night, his namesake was on Letterman simultaneously (in Philadelphia and probably a few other markets) with the syndicated repeat of the SOUTH PARK critique of the BFF-less PH.

  4. Well, how about a NERVE Where Are They Now roundup?

    As usual in such cases, the hotlink on my name will also get you to the 40.

  5. Thanks, Todd. Interesting stuff.