Sunday, August 30, 2009

Geoffrey Jenkins Update

Not so long ago, I featured a Geoffrey Jenkins novel as a "forgotten book." Jenkins isn't forgotten at all, as you can see. All 16 of his novels are returning to print.

THE EXTRAORDINARY WORLD OF ‘GEOFFREY JENKINS ADVENTURE’ � Bawiseconsulting's Blog: "For those die-hard Jenkins fans who can’t wait to read his works again, iUniverse Reprint Series, which includes the works of some of the world’s greatest authors, including “William F. Buckley, Jr.” and “Mary McCarthy” is proud to announce “that the man known for riveting thriller entertainment is back!”…Jenkins was the ‘forerunner and inspiration’ to such great writers as Frederick Forsythe, Len Deighton, Alistair MacLean, Hammond Innes, and others."


Richard Robinson said...

Great news. I just got a couple of the older paperbacks, but a new, uniform edition will be great.

Bill Crider said...

Well, they're costly, and they're POD. So buyer beware.