Friday, December 11, 2009

I Haven't Read this eBook

. . . but it looks like a classic to me.

Fictionwise eBooks: The Crider Chronicles by Anderson Gentry: "The nations of humanity thought they were alone in the Galaxy. They were wrong, and now humanity faces a threat greater than all the wars in all their history. From the mountains of Idaho to the depths of space comes Mike Crider, the one man who might just be able to save them. Through guerilla battles in the deep woods, canyons and prairies of the wilderness world Forest, through the struggle to set up a new interstellar government, through the battles of the first Galactic War, the Crider family overcomes the forces of the hostile Grugell Empire to emerge as the Galaxy's Founding Family. The Crider Chronicles is the first of four books in the Galactic Confederation series."


  1. Jerry House9:25 AM

    I bet the hero's middle name is Gonzo.

  2. Good one, Jerry. Not everybody will catch on to it, though.

  3. Anonymous11:13 AM

    I bet George has read it.


  4. Your childhood nickname was "Mike", wasn't it? This really is about you, right? You saved the human race, right? You're a hero, right?