Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Will the Persecution Never End?

America through the reality lens -- "Reality show culture has thrived in that moral vacuum, accelerating the decay and helping to create a society in which celebrity is the new nobility. One senses that Richard Heene thought -- and perhaps still thinks -- that the way to make his kids proud of him was to land a reality show. Paris Hilton, famous for being famous thanks in part to a 'reality' sex tape released days before her 2003 reality show, 'The Simple Life,' is now a cultural icon of no redeeming value whatsoever."


  1. Stephen B.11:25 AM

    Paris Hilton behaves poorly in my eyes. It's a case of being from a high class and behaving like a simpleton. At least she is not from Mexia Tx (I just thought of Vikcie L. Marshall).

  2. Stephen B12:58 PM

    Aka Anna Nichole - I had read your bio and I think your brother taught her during high school era.


  3. Yes, and she was known as Vickie, then. Worked at Jim's Crispy Fried Chicken.

  4. Stephen B.10:29 AM

    I remember my High school days, in Louisiana. It's just sad, she would be about my age (I lived in Lousiana thru college) and she then went and lost it all.