Friday, March 05, 2010

Donald A. Wollheim Interview

This interview was originally published in Paperback Quarterly, Fall 1978 (Volume 1, Number 2)


  1. Wonderful! Thanks very much, Bill. It's interesting to read the perspective from the time.

  2. "most successful?"

    "HUNTERS OF GOR, followed by the other Gor novels."

    Hahahahaha! Talk about times changing!

  3. Who conducted this interview, Bill?

    Well, the hardcover seems to have managed to still be with us...the paperback no less threatened by electronic delivery, if not a little moreseo.

    Hm...given how things are going for DAW Books, I fear new editions of the Gor books might outsell a lot of things they do now...

  4. I think Billy Lee did that one, Todd, but I'm not sure.