Monday, April 26, 2010

It's National Pretzel Day

Monday marks National Pretzel Day: "Did you know April 26 is National Pretzel Day?

It started 27 years ago, in 1983, when a Pennsylvania congressman wanted a special day named for his favorite food. The tradition has since spread across the country, although it's not officially recognized.

The average person eats about 1.5 lbs. of pretzels each year. They’ve been around since the 7th century when they were invented in Italy."


  1. Frederick Sylvester9:46 AM

    That just adds to the conviction that I am not average. I hardly ever eat a pretzel. Then, again, I do not drink coffee either...

  2. I'm a pretzel fanatic and i'm celebrating this glorious day! I eat on average 50lbs of pretzels a year (about a pound a week). Soft pretzels are my favorite but the hard snacks are a close second!

  3. I love 'em. I try to eat healthy stuff. (I don't eat potato chips) Pretzels have no trans fats. I stick to the better brands, I found many of the odd ball brands not to my liking. In fact, I have an open bag of Bachman's Stix Pretzels on my computer desk right now. I can't resist a salty pretzel.

    Also, They are pretty tasty with a cold brewski in your hand. But that's for later tonight.