Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Phil Collins’ Alamo Obsession

Phil Collins’ Alamo Obsession | FrontRow: "File this under most random celebrity obsession: British rock star, former Genesis man, and one of those rare drummer/front men, Phil Collins, has an obsession with the Alamo. In fact, he has the largest private collection of Alamo memorabilia in the world. He will be in Dallas on May 10 to speak about his life and the collection at the Dallas Historical Society."


  1. Phil Collins has an extensive,
    valuable, "Alamo" collection...
    which is of great interest.
    One would think a museum would be
    excited to have those artefacts and
    willing to purchase them, for a lot of money, if Phil so decided.
    Sounds like a cool interest...

  2. I bet you could play "random celebrity interest generator" all day and never have "Phil Collins -
    Alamo" show up.

  3. I hope Cap'n Bob and Evan Lewis know about this!

  4. I do now. I did know that Jonathan Winters is a collector of French Foreign Legion figures.