Monday, June 07, 2010

Aggies Lead the Way

Man arrested for swimming in Grand Isle waters - Florida AP - "The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office says a man has been arrested for swimming in waters shut down because of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

WAFB-TV reported Sunday that Grand Isle Police took 22-year-old Jesus Mares, of College Station, Texas, into custody around 7:30 a.m. after he was caught wading in the water just off the beach."


  1. Okay, when did "wading" and "swimming" come ot mean the same thing?

  2. Jerry House11:14 AM

    Richard, the word 'wade' comes from the Greek word 'wha?', which roughly translates to 'I don't give a hoot -- I'm a Texas lawman and what I say goes'. (Of course, I'm only guessing since I have only memorized the OED through the letter V.)

  3. Anonymous2:09 PM

    As my brother would say...dumb f#ck.


  4. He is an Aggie. They should have had a pictogram sign.