Saturday, December 11, 2010

Knowing My Readers, I Expect You'll all Score 100%

The Movie Quote Quiz


  1. Anonymous8:51 AM

    I didn't come close to 100%.


  2. Not even close. I got six correct(I skipped one thinking they'd let me get back to it; no deal though). I will admit that most were guesses because I haven't seen most of the movies. Only one of them I really knew(the question on The Jerk).

  3. Naw! 50%. Too many "new" movies that I haven't seen (and probably won't see)!

  4. I got six right. To be fair, the four I got wrong were from movies I've never seen and have absolutely no intention of seeing, so that's something.

    Give me a quiz on TV show quotes and I'll ace it.

  5. Jerry House8:01 PM

    I got 50%. If I take the quiz again and give the same answers, it'll add to the 100% you expected.

  6. I got four. Not bad considering I've only seen three of those movies. Kidding, but I've maybe seen six.