Monday, February 28, 2011

10 TV Series With the Biggest Cult Followings

10 TV Series With the Biggest Cult Followings


  1. Liked some of the early (Tom Baker) Dr. Who and most of The Prisoner from this list, so no modern cult creds for me!

    Got plenty of "old fogey" cult creds though, e.g.:
    Outer Limits
    Wild, Wild, West (some great villain acting turns)
    McHale's Navy
    Rockford Files
    Rumpole of the Bailey
    Etc. (can't think of them now, but know there must be more 8-)

  2. What about I'm Fenster - He's Dickens !!!

  3. Anonymous12:50 AM

    It's called I'm Dickens-He's Fenster, and no, it doesn't even qualify, because the show was barely seen, and is not that well known (I didn't even know about it until I saw it mentioned on the Internet at YouTube and Wikipedia.