Sunday, February 27, 2011

Finland Leads the Way

Check out Helsinki’s underground shadow city | Grist: "From the country that brought you the world's spookiest children's series, please meet the underground city. Helsinki, Finland's capital, has decided to defeat sprawl by building down instead of out. Incised into the city's bedrock are a swimming pool, a shopping area, a church, a hockey rink, and a data center, not to mention 'parking caverns' and a bunch of the city's necessary municipal doodads. An underground shadow city!"


  1. This CNN clip gives a better view:

    Btw, the Moomins are "spooky"? Really?

  2. Didn't seem spooky at all to me.

  3. Wow, I have to admire the bravery of the full-figured gal in the bikini on the left of the first picture.