Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Gator Update (Guitar Edition)

The $85,000 Custom Diamond & Alligator Guitar: "Rock Royalty, a new Nashville-based luxury design house that manufactures one-of-a-kind, custom guitars, is offering the ultimate in rock star decadence: an $85,000 custom alligator skin, diamond and sterling silver Fender Telecaster. The eye-popping instrument comes wrapped in exquisite natural black alligator skin from Louisiana, and features black diamond and sterling silver volume knobs, a selector switch set with rubies, and six handmade diamond tuning keys set in sterling silver."


  1. You know you want it, Bill. You know you need it, Bill. Buy it, Bill. Make us proud.

  2. Well, if you'll chip in . . . .

  3. I'll buy you a new pick with a gator on it.