Sunday, February 13, 2011

Once Again, Texas Leads the Way

Obsolete Entertainment: New Museum Honors 8-Track Tapes: "That's why Burnett is honoring the legacy of the 8-track tape by opening the Eight Track Museum in Dallas on Monday. But Burnett isn't as interested in the music as he is in the cartridges themselves.

'They had a lot of colors over the years, such as bright green and red,' he said. 'You can tell what era a cartridge comes from by the color -- and, of course, collectors want them all.'"


  1. Just because something is obsolete, doesn't mean it was great when it was around. 8-track sound was crap and I still remember that big "cu-lunk" sound in the middle of songs that had to be cut and spread over two tracks. Also, there was so much bleed-through you could always hear the song on track 3 as a song on track 1 ended.

    /Ah, nostalgia!

  2. I've known exactly three people, or maybe four, with sold old eight-tracks that were saved in storage.

    I'm young enough I think that I remember when tapes were a way to trade music, and then they were supplanted by CDs and now the electronic file formats. And vinyl before that (followed by - though short-lived - those clunky 8-tracks) but vinyl still actually has a market...

  3. Ah, but do you remember 4 track?

  4. Gerard2:49 PM

    Once Again, Texas Lags the Way

  5. Mr. Bucks is back!?! That is like the return of Snake "I thought you were dead" Plissken. I remember when I used to get the 8-Track Mind zine and follow the infighting within the microscopic 8-track community, a lot of which fighting centered on the theme, Mr Bucks -- he good or he bad? At any rate, he looking hippie, now.