Saturday, June 25, 2011

Buy My Book! Rest in Peace eBook: Jack MacLane: Kindle Store: "An Evil Secret

Danny West knew that something was wrong from the first day his folks moved into the rundown house next to the creepy graveyard. The neighborhood kids would never come over to play. At night, he saw weird shadows prowling around the crumbling tombstones, and heard strange gurgling sounds. But his parents wouldn’t listen to him. They said he had a good imagination…

Then bad things started to happen. Terrible, gruesome things that even scared his dad. There was something in the graveyard. Something in the graveyard. Something that no kid could ever have imagined. Something that should have been left alone to Rest In Peace."


  1. Gerard3:13 PM

    I'll buy it for the library's NOOK. A Reasoner book popped up when searching your name since you wrote the intro. I'll probably read Reasoner's book first. I'll skip the intro, too.

  2. Gerard4:08 PM

    I also had to pick up UNDER OUTLAW FLAGS and REDEMPTION, KANSAS.

  3. Anonymous5:36 PM

    It almost makes me weaken and consider an e-reader, had I not had the original paperbacks.

    Long live Jack!


  4. Gerard12:25 AM

    Dang. I just found out there are several Recorded Book titles. I'll have to get some of those as well.

    Verificatio "sadrio". The feeling you get when Dean Martin reaches into that spittoon.