Friday, December 16, 2011

Top Ten Best Christmas Movies Of All Time

Top Ten Best Christmas Movies Of All Time


Anonymous said...

1941 is not just one of the best Christmas films, but one of the best comedies ever made. This is for laughs for the grownups, and not quite a “family film.”

WTF? Not in my world. And BRAZIL? Has he completely lost his mind?

Sorry but that's one stupid list. Anyway, we all know A CHRISTMAS STORY should be #1.


pattinase (abbott) said...

What Jeff said.

Anders Engwall said...

Bill, it's a good thing I know you're only taunting us to provoke comments, or I'd be really, really, REALLY upset.

Bill Crider said...

Ho, ho, ho!

Brent McKee said...

He lost me with 1941 and Brazil, and by not including White Christmas (but that may be my own guilty pleasure) and Christmas In Connecticut - because the only thing better than Christmas is Christmas with Barbara Stanwyck.