Monday, December 12, 2011


Lifetime remaking The Blue Lagoon as a movie appropriate for all basic-cable audiences


Anonymous said...

Uh oh is right. An all-black STEEL MAGNOLIAS and then this?

WTF are they smoking in Hollywood?


Richard R. said...

What the hell does "appropriate for all basic-cable audiences" mean??

Brent McKee said...

It means no nudity or suggestions of nudity, no swimming in a shirt that can become see-thru when wet - the young woman will have a swim suit and the young man will swim wiht his pants on. In addition, to placate groups like the Parents Television Council who wouldn't approve of Romeo and Juliet if any of them knew just how old those crazy kids were when they were marrying, bedding and dying, the young people will probably be of a suitable age before they have sex... if they actually have sex.

Deb said...

Appropriate for all basic-cable audiences, but not appropriate for anyone with a functioning brain.