Friday, August 03, 2012

Wonderful Essay on SF Anthologies

Robert Silverberg: Reflections


  1. Amusing that Silverberg's first anthologization (Asimov probably wasn't the first to make a sexual joke about that) was in THE FANTASTIC UNIVERSE OMNIBUS...what was yours, Bill?

    Certainly can sympathize with the notion of work between covers and electronically thing the electronic forms allow is the potential for revision, endlessly...while the printed page at least gives one an end point if one wants to take it...

  2. Two Conklin anthologies came my way about the same time, the OMNIBUS OF SCIENCE FICTION and THE BIG BOOK OF SCIENCE FICTION. Wonderful stuff.

  3. Excellent, even though Conklin did (if not quite so much as McComas and Healey) ignore too much of the non-ASTOUNDING stuff in favor of the ASTOUNDING stuff. I actually meant the first one your short fiction was included in, as with Agberg and FU's only antho...